Email remarketing outside of your database

Attracting customers to your website can a difficult and expensive task, one compounded by the fact nearly 70% leave without making a purchase. Until now, the most popular method of winning lost users involved a kind of digital stalking; users would exit the website, only to be followed by a series of invasive ads on every other site they visit. This is totally unnecessary and can have a damaging effect on your brand’s reputation. The other, friendlier and more valuable option available to you is email remarketing, which is basically impossible if the user did not give you their email address. The good news is there is another way.

REVIVVE enables you to send personalised emails to visitors usually out of your reach. Engage with all those visitors that didn’t get far enough down the purchasing funnel for you to capture their email address with content they’ll love and click on, leading to easy sales previously unobtainable to you.